Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Whatever you are looking for, be it good health, glowing skin, flexible body or relaxed mind, yoga is the answer.

Contrary to the truth, most people misconstrue yoga to be only the poses. By this, they miss the point hence failing to appreciate the fact that yoga enables us harmonize our breath, mind and body hence being at our best. By achieving the harmony, we are able to navigate the journey of life in a happy, calm and fulfilling manner.

In brief, yoga enables us to achieve the following benefits:

– flexible body and better posture

– increased energy levels

– improved immunity of the body

– weight reduction

– peace of mind

– improved intuition

– relieving of stress

– greater awareness about life

– better handling of relationships

We may now look at the important benefits of yoga in a more elaborate way:

1. Yoga enables to achieve all-round fitness:

It is said that the true meaning of health is not absence of disease. It is actually a dynamic expression of life in regards to how loving, enthusiastic and joyful one is. Yoga helps improve breathing techniques, meditation and better postures. By regularly engaging in yoga, you will be able to achieve:

– improved physical strength

– Improved mental strength

– body detoxification

– body protection from injury

2. Importance of yoga in achieving weight loss

Did you know that yoga enables you to loss weight? Regular practising of yoga also makes us to be more conscious of the kind of food we consume and the timing of consuming them. This will ultimately go a long way in controlling our weight.

3. Importance of yoga in stress relief

Taking a few minutes to engage in yoga on a daily basis goes a long way in getting rid of stress that keeps on accumulating as we go about our daily hustles of life. Stress can effectively be removed through pranayama and meditation.

4. Yoga helps achieve greater awareness

As you may know, our minds are always constantly engaged in activities revolving between the past and the future. Yoga enables you to safe yourself from getting stressed by bringing the mind back to the present. This will ultimately enable you to remain focused and live a happy life.

5. Through yoga, you are able to achieve increased energy levels

We spend most of our time engaging our selves in a lot of activities which drains all our energy at the end of the day. Taking sometime off to do yoga helps us restore our energy hence getting refreshed and rejuvenated. This enables us to get enough energy to achieve our ultimate goals in life.

6. Yoga in achieving body flexibility and posture

Having a regular schedule of yoga enables us achieve a flexible and strong body. It aids in stretching, toning and strengthening of our body muscles. Our standing, walking or sleeping posture will also get better.

7. Yoga for improved intuition

Regular yoga and meditation helps in improving our intuition thus being in a position to act in an appropriate manner and at the right time.

8. Yoga and better relationships

It is interesting to note the importance of yoga in helping us have improved relationships with our loved ones, family and friends. Having a relaxed mind, being happy and contented enables us to handle relationship matters in a more calm and mature way. Yoga enables you be happy and have a peaceful mind.

It is worth noting that for us to enjoy full benefits of yoga, we need to be dedicated and consistent. It is a call for us to make it a habit.

How Will I Know When It Is Time to Reconcile

Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend is always a bit risky. Maybe you will both have learned from past mistakes or maybe you will be doomed to repeat them. The timing of the reconciliation is of the utmost importance. If things are rushed, you will find yourself dealing with the same issues that caused your breakup. However, if you wait too long, the spark may fade to a dull light incapable of bringing you back to each other.

Has Anything Changed?

The reason for the breakup will, in large part, determine when reconciliation is a wise move. It takes more than casual promises to “try harder this time” to make things work. You have to work on your issues. You have to change what needs changing and accept the things about each other that are there to stay. Wanting things to be better is easy making them better is not.

Take a hard, honest look at the dynamics between you and your ex. Do you feel confident that things have changed for the better? Do you feel better equipped to make it through challenging times? Only when you can confidently answer yes to both of these questions is reconciliation a good idea.


Letting Old Wounds Heal

Breakups can be quite damaging for couples. Even the most cordial of splits comes with its fair share of hurt feelings and lingering bitterness can spoil your new relationship. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the idea of getting back together with your ex feels fresh and new. You do not want to continue your old relationship, as this too often leads to continuing with your old problems. It should feel like the two of you are starting over rather than picking up where you left off.

Before deciding to get back together, have a frank discussion about your breakup. Discuss what you think went wrong and how these issue can be avoided in the future. This discussion will allow you to see if you are on the same page, and if you have put the negative emotions from the past behind you.

Trust Your Intuition

It is important to think things through but it is also important to listen to what your gut is telling you. Most women are quite intuitive when it comes to their relationships, but all too often they do not trust their intuition, and act against it. You should feel good when you think about being with your ex again. If the thought makes you feel nervous and apprehensive, the time may not be right.

Ask for Input

The decision is yours to make, but getting some advice from people you trust is never a bad idea. Your close friends will be able to see things more objectively, and may be able to offer you invaluable guidance. Take their input under consideration before making a final decision, and give yourself time to think things through so you can make it a wise one.

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